Case Studies

Interlinked fire alarm in ex-council property

Situation: An owner of an ex-council flat was looking to install a fire alarm system meeting the building regulations in order to rent the property. The ceiling was concrete and it wasn’t feasible to run additional wires from the consumer unit.

solution: To avoid running unnecessary wires, a feed was taken from the ceiling rose. Regulations require that the alarms be interlinked. This was achieved by using radio frequency base mounts.

Implementation: a short length of trunking was used. The trunking enters the base unit. A ceiling rose adaptor was placed under the rose. The trunking enters this and creates a seamless finish.

Interlinked fire alarm in ex-council property

Situation: The client wanted the lighting in 4 rooms upgraded to downlights, existing lighting removed, and lights to work with dimmer switch.

Plan: The rooms were measured and a lighting plan drawn up. Materials and prices were agreed with the client.

implementation: A laser level was used to ensure accuracy of placement, holes drilled and lights installed, holes made in the ceiling were made good, quality bulbs were used to ensure smooth dimming function.

Additional TV sockets in concrete wall

Situation: The client wanted two additional sockets behind their TV. The wall was made of an extremely tough concrete.

The room had a skirting board around the edge which had other sockets around the room mounted into it.

Implementation: The concrete was cut with a diamond edged grinder blade, the skirting board was cut away to reveal the existing socket ring wire.

Finish: Additional sockets were added to the ring, the wires put in conduit and filled back into the wall.

Wood filler was used to replace the skirting board. Everything was smoothed ready for painting.